Fitness days 5 &6


Yesterday was a break day so of course I didn't listen and did 10 sit ups. They're less painful on your coccyx if you put a slim cushion under you.

They're also easier if you have your arms in front of you instead of behind your head.

Today was 50 jumping jacks and 15 sit ups. I also.....went for.....A RUN!!

By run I mean 80% walk, 20% run. But I went which is more than you did so ner! (unless you went for a 30% plus run lol )

My chest felt like my lungs were on fire, I had a stitch and felt sick. I am so glad I went, next time will be so much better!

Poor old dus came with me and didn't complain about the lack of running on our run.

He knows me so well that for a solid half hour after coming back he complimented me on how strong I was to go. Affirmation is how we roll around here lol.

How are you getting on getting fit?

Samantha x

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  1. A run? Go you! I get out of breath just running for the bus (though it is all uphill...)

    It's awesome that you're doing this! :D


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