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Ok, so I've just now as coming to post this remembered that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Um, shocking, I'm terrible for remembering things. Except the things I don't want to remember like I have not bought new trainers yet and need to go exercising.

I'm completely off the point here. Anyway, I checked my yarn tub for some lovely yarn (my sister taught me not to call yarn 'wool' cos it might not be wool. It might be acrylic. Judging by my yarn tub, I have acrylic. Also, I don't knit (anymore...tried it, hated it) or crochet so why I feel justified in even having a yarn tub I'm not sure.

*Deep breath* So, most of my yarn was pink. So I made me some pom poms!

I used my hand...I tried with two pieces of doughnut shaped card but it just wasn't working for me. Hands are easier :)

Guess who's well on her way to making herself a pompom rug?!

Just realised I may have already given you a clue or two.

Aside from the fact that I don't have anywhere to put a pink pom pom rug....don't you think it'll be simply darling?

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  1. Hang it on the wall!

    I find the yarn / wool distinction is an excellent way of judging how seriously a UK crafter takes their work (or how nerdy they are).

    (Please note the two paragraphs below are Sweeping Generalisations and may not accurately reflect the real behaviour or opinions of crafters.)

    I have found that most crafters who refer to all their yarns as wool (regardless of the fiber content) tend to be hobby crafters, folk who stitch for their own pleasure, or (and this is an important distinction) crafters who learned to stitch as a child and have spent their entire lives making things because they know how.

    Generally, UK crafters who refer to their threads as yarn do so because they plan fiber content when deciding on their next project.

    Regardless of this, take a gander at some of the balls of acrylic in your stash. How many of them have 'wool' in their name?

  2. The Trouble with Tribbles.


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