What I wore Sunday #13


It was going to be a poncho.

SMS conversation as follows:

Samantha: Should I wear a poncho?
Miss Mystery: No, don't wear a poncho!
Samantha: I'm going to wear a poncho AND take pictures
Miss Mystery shakes head

True story.

I put on the poncho and I was feeling it, I looked gooooooooood (and felt warm) but the collar was massive and I couldn't work out what it was meant to look like. So I swapped it for a jumper.

Yes, that's my birthday pressie from my mum behind me. It's my birthday in AGES away but she likes to be prepared :) At least I've something to look at to make me excited!

Anyway, this week's shop your closet with Yellow Blackbird was a free for all so I just grabbed these shoes I've not worn for a while and put them with my basic outfit.

Not that it lasted too well, once again I was feeling sicky in church this morning and had to come home. I'm not sure what's wrong with me really, about 2 weeks ago I've been feeling unsettled and a bit sicky, then I had a kinked bowel (I have them fairly often when I'm not being careful with my diet, usually I'm very good though and I'm ok) which gives me huge pain and makes me feel nauseous etc but then I was ok by the end of the day. The next morning I woke up with a stinking rotten cold and have spent the last week slowly recovering. Now this Sunday I felt sicky again.

No body say I'm pregnant..... But there must be something unusual I'm doing wrong?! Dusband thinks I'm run down and need to start looking at what I can cut back.

Except for the regular 2 hour Sunday service and 2 hour Tuesday service which we go to every week we also spend 2 1/2 hours at Kidz Club on a Wednesday and 4 hours at youth group on a Thursday. We estimate that we spend about 2 hours preparing for youth group a week. Add to the 1 hour a week I spend preparing children's church worksheets etc that makes for a grand total of 13 1/2hours a week we spend on church. Not including if there's church secretary stuff I need to do.

It doesn't sound that much I know but if you think the average member spends 4 hours a week on church, it's a whole working day extra!

The obvious option is to drop Kidz club as we're not leaders we're only helpers. But the number of children who attend is such that we struggle to cope with the number of leaders when we are there, if we were to stop going it wouldn't help anyone unless other members stepped forwards to help. *Sigh*

It's one big brain frazzle especially when the pleas have gone out for others to help but they feel they're too old/sick/busy to help. We do have a lot of retired members in our church and I know it's tough to find ways to help if you can't stand children, but there must be a better way of doing church than this?

Anyway, I don't think it's anything to do with how much we do at church or the pressure and responsibility of it, I don't know what's wrong with me but whatever it is, God can make me feel well again :)

What a rant this has turned into...sorry!

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