What I wore Sunday #10


Gosh, ten times you've had to feign interest at what I've worn.

This is my, "come on already, we've got to be at church early to set up Harvest festival" face. Do you like it? :P

So, Sunday 2nd October, the temperature here was 26 degrees C (79F) PHEW!!!!! Hot, hot hot! (For us, I know we're weird). For comparison, July, our hottest month averages 16C (62F). We had some freak weather system across England and Wales meaning we were experiencing Mediterranean  weather.

So, let's face it, when the weather forecasters told us we'd be having an Indian summer did anyone believe them? Not I! Did I unpack my summer clothes in preparation? Nuh uh! And I was wrong, fully wrong, it was beautiful!

Until Monday. Monday morning it was hot, hot, hot with a beautiful breeze (disclaimer: 20C/68F is hot to us, sorry we're feeble and you may experience hotter temperatures, I try to keep my jealousy in check for your summers, don't begrudge us our autumn :P) but by lunchtime that had gone and we were fully back into autumn and 13C/55F.

Saying that though, here where we are we had average summer temperatures of 13 - 16C (55 - 60F) so we were really glad we'd had a chance to wear shorts etc.

I always find Welsh summers are something that I look forward to for so long, hoping and waiting and then before I know it, the 3 hot days in the year are over and autumn arrives and I have to admit to myself that it really isn't ever going to get hot.

Gosh, what a British moaner I am, griping about the weather. Anyway, that Sunday it was hot, so I wore as few clothes to church as possible whilst not freaking anyone out or showing too much!

We had a great harvest service followed by a lunch and I really enjoyed it. It's definitely a tradition I'd be happy to see continued....we can never give thanks to God enough for what He has given us.

Comfort: 8/10
Attractiveness: 7/10
Warmth: 3/10 - I did take some chunky socks with me to wear during the service though, I hate having cold feet even if the rest of me is super hot!
Effort: 5/10

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