Merthyr Community School Christmas Fair


So, I took a stall at the Merthyr community school Christmas fair not because I thought I'd make a mint, or really because I wanted to see Santa (who proceeded through the hall to the cupboard he had been designated to sit in...yes...cupboard!). The reason I did was cos I hadn't seen my pal Leigh for a while and was looking forward to a good catch up!

It would have been nice if I'd made a mint but hey ho, pick your battles eh?

Here's my stall anyway.

I had a middle stall right at the end so I took advantage of that and made my stall attractive from two sides. At least I think it's attractive!

The stall of glory

Handbags (around£40), clutch bags (£10 each), patchwork coasters (£6 per set), scrabble tiles (50p each or 5 for £2)
 Can you see our little cutie helper's feet poking out from behind the handbags in this pic? That's Leigh's son Sam. He build a massive train track around Leigh's stall, it was most impressive!

Tissue pouches (£4), doorstops (£15), Christmas room bunting (2m £6), Brooches & Hairclips (£4), Peg Magnets (£4), Spec cases (£4), Zipped cases (£6) and some Christmas tree bunting (1m £6)

The stall cost £5 and I managed to spend £5 on a hand turned wood bowl from Leigh's stall behind me. I sold a set of peg magnets at the last minute taking my profit to -£6. Go me!

Talking of Leigh, there she is setting up her stall behind me. We had a good natter and decided that really, you can't actually make a decent living doing craft fairs. Ah well, at least we had a good laugh at Santa proceeding to his cupboard!!

Samantha xx
p.s. Hello Kitty & Peppa Pig also made an appearance. Dus didn't know who Hello Kitty was! ha ha!

At home with Mrs H

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