Moving Sale


Hello lovely heads!

(unlovely heads also welcome)

We're moving house!! Not far, a few miles away but nearer to our church where we seem to spend inordinate amounts of time tending small children's tantrums, jumping between fighting teenagers and generally cleaning gloop out of carpets.

Anyway, know all that stock I've made this year for my etsy store?

Plus more....well, I've decided to give you a massive 50% off anything to help me not have to move it to my new house!

Just enter the discount code MOVINGSALE when you go to checkout and it will automatically take off the discount.

International orders are welcome but you'd better get moving if you want it there for Christmas!!

Pop over to my shop to check it out.

Samantha xx

At home with Mrs H

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  1. Thank You so much for the discount code!!!

    Love your items and I've just brought 2!!
    Can't wait till i receive them!!

    Natasha xx


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