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I think I overuse exclamation marks. Do you remember that perfume? Ex-cl-ma-tion!

I think I used to use it in my teenage years.

Anyway, my shipment of triglides & buckles has arrived for making adjustable straps and I ordered enough to share with the world. Seeing as it was a nightmare for me to find them and had to have them manufactured!

I've only got a small sample, 10 of each colour but I've listed them in a folksy shop so that they're easily available and if it seems that others, like me, just want good simple triglides without the hunting forever to find them then I'll order a second, proper size batch.

Have you ever had any major issues finding supplies of something? I thought I'd never find these triglide and buckles myself! The elusive hardware lol!

Samantha x

At home with Mrs H

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  1. Wow, you seriously had to get them manufactured? It's ridiculous how difficult some things are to get hold of in this country!


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