Straight to whom?


Our curtain pole was coming out of the wall so Dus got his tool kit out to sort it out.

He called me through to ask if I wanted it straight by the spirit level, or straight by the ceiling.

Here's a pic of it 'level' by the spirit level.

Needless to say I asked him to put it up 'unlevel' so that it looked straight by the ceiling!!

These crazy old houses eh?

On a side note I read a blog a week ago (ish) that said their house was really old, it was built in the 60's. HA!!! Our house was built at the turn of the century....that's old. (But on the plus side the walls are about 2ft thick!)

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  1. I love the quirky angles of old houses! My dad renovated a house a couple of years back (original structure dating to the 1700s I think) and that had the same kind of crazy, not at all straight ceilings! Those kind of features definitely add to the charm of a house! :)


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