What I wore Sunday #15


This week's 'Shop your closet' challenge from Yellow Blackbird was khakis.

But American khaki is a totally different thing to UK khaki and I don't have any American khaki so... I went with a top in UK khaki colour. I have seen the kind of trousers that Americans would call 'khakis' but they're not very common here, I always assume that Americans ALL have a pair of khakis in their wardrobes.

Khaki to us is a sort of olive green army colour. And I had that so we started there, added troosers and a jumper. I know you're hating my hair as much as I am. I promise I'll do something good with it one day but I'm trying to grow it long enough to see whether I would do all those cool hair tutorials with it or not. Otherwise I'll always be wondering whether I would have done plaits and buns and curls and what not.

Anyway, there we go, Sunday. Today I decided to wear a skirt. They've all grown so I couldn't. Looks like I'll be looking for a new skirt on my next month's 'clothes, shoes & fripperies' budget slot lol

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  1. I think you work the Khaki look very well - not sure that I would have anything to work with in my wardrobe! I know, I have been trying the hair tutorials too lol - I don't seem to be able to quite pull it off! Oh well, hope you find some pennies to buy that new skirt! x

  2. That's interesting how it's different!


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