Hatty hatty hat hat


Lookie what I found under the bed today....

It is mine...not just some random hat I found under the bed. It's perfect timing for Guy Fawkes though.

Every year I have some romantic notion about wrapping up in a large chunky cable knit shawl over my cashmere jumper, cord skirt and lace detail tights with chestnut leather boots. Every year I nix that for tights under jeans, wellies, 3 tops, a jumper and my bright pink ski jacket. Oh and headwear, neckwear and handwear based PURELY on warmth value alone.

If I'm gonna go and stare at the sky 'oooh'ing and 'aaaah'ing for an hour or two...I don't want to spend the whole next week recovering from a cold!

What are your plans for tonight, or have you never even heard of Guy Fawkes before?

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  1. That would be me, the one who's never heard of Guy Fawkes before. Gonna go google it right now :) But I like your hatty hatty hat hat. Wish it got cold enough here to wear warm hats!

  2. Aw, romantic visions of outfits are always hampered by the reality of British weather!
    Hope you have a great Guy Fawkes night! (I'm staying in with my cats lol)


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