Tidying the office part 2


Ok, so first I put my tidying face on. I took a pic but it's too scary, I won't show it to you.

Then I had a chocolate digestive biscuit.

Then I decided that to clear my desk I had to put another layer of glue on my map suitcase. Pics another day. 

Then I cleared my desk.

 Then I had another chocolate digestive or two.

 Then I cleared away the ironing board and all of that mess.

I ran out of chocolate digestives at this point.

 Then I cleared the shelves of fabric and tidied my supplies shelves. Although Lizzie has said she'd be happy on the sofa, as you can see it's too late now, I've gone too far!

 I put all of my fabric in random different places. Some of them you'll never see they're that random!

Then I sat down to write this update and the palm leaf shelves caught my eye and before I knew it I was stripping the leaves off them and getting all splintery and wood dust.

So my computer desk still needs moving and the floor needs hoovering but all in all, a big improvement. I think I deserve lunch now then!

In theory I'll update you again when it's done, it's odd, this is like a day in the life of me. How interesting! :)

p.s. who said sarcasm is dead?

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