Tidying the office


So....my big sister is coming to stay tomorrow. Cos we be rockin the fireworks at Caerphilly castle. WOOOOOO!

Ok, just a side note for those who don't know about November 5th. We here in the UK celebrate with fireworks and bonfires a man who was called Guy Fawkes (Guido actually) who tried to blow up the houses of parliament a while back. (1605 to be exact).

It wasn't just him, but he was the man found underneath the houses of parliament with the barrels of gunpowder. Sometimes one can sympathise with the band of would be blower uppers. Anyhoo, I digress. You can read more about Guy Fawkes here.

So, also it's my birthday on Tuesday. HURRRAAAHHHHH!!! Yes, I may be 29 this year but I still celebrate like I'm 6. Once again I digress. So, usually I go to fireworks every year as my birthday treat. Kinda two birds, one stone type thing. I've had firework parties growing up and now we just leave the hassle and expense to someone else and go to a display.


This year we're going to Caerphilly castle for their free event. We tried there last year but it was so packed we couldn't actually get there so turned round and came home. This year we're prepared and are getting there 4 hours early and going for dinner in a pub. Simples.

Anyway.....the point being, after that my big sister is going to stay over and then go home on the Sunday. And this is the area in the office that we put the blow up bed.

Those bottom shelves are easily moved as is my computer desk. I just have to tidy up a bit lot before I can.

I've had 'tidy' office on my to do list for ..um....all week actually so I thought if I posted the awful before pics on here then it might encourage me to actually tidy the office so I could show you the after pics and redeem myself in your sight.

Also, who can resist the opportunity to keep it real?!

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