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Remember I said I'd be taking part in the Eisy Morgan Ornament Exchange?

Well I did, I signed up and was allocated my partner. The Eisy Morgan blog is based in...urm *goes to check* Colorado so I felt certain I'd be receiving an international partner. I was amazed then when Ashley sent me the info for my exchange partner who also lived in Wales and...urm....about 30 miles south of me...crazy!

Anyway, my partner Twinkle star from Twinkles, tutus and twirls and I hooked up pretty quick and discovered what sort of Christmasses we like. We were both of the red, white and green frame of mind. Traditional gals we are :)

I already knew instantly what I'd send for my partner and I suspect she did for me too.

Just a note, this lady's name isn't ACTUALLY twinkle star but for privacy's sake, that's what I'm calling her :) Me, I don't care, I'll tell anyone anything :D

Ok, so back to the exchange. Twinkle star kindly prepared my ornament and emailed me to say she was ready. I was somewhere about 7 hours away though so we waited til I was home before we posted off our goodies to each other.

This is what arrived for me. Yes, I took photos as I was unwrapping...specifically for this post. I'm a good little blogger :)

What's that Royal Mail? You laugh in the face of FRAGILE and smoosh the corner of the box anyway?

At this moment I realised I may have been partnered with one of santa's elves themselves.

Box corner smooshing aside, everything's safely nestled in festive tissue paper.
At this point I'd like to remind you I posted AN ornament...and in brown paper no less....Urm...I'll ask you again at the end, but personally I think I got the better end of the deal here!

The ornament of joy

Yup, definitely the best wrapperer in the world!

See....told you so
Anyway, so once I'd gotten over the guilty feeling of messing up such beautiful packaging I dived in.

Twinkle star made me a beautiful Christmas card that has already received compliments from EVERY single guest we've had in our house. Ok, we've only had two guests but still, it's great odds!

Here's the ornament that Twinkle Star sent for my tree. It's hand made by the star herself and a super high quality.

And the other two packages? Well here's what was in those.

A pack of twirl bites (YUM!) and a Christmas revival kit. I keep going back to the tin and sniffing it because it just smells so absolutely divine. It's Christmas in a tin!

Anyway, so that's the amazing package I got, let's see what paltry offerings I sent over to Twinkle star.  (Ok, maybe not paltry but no where near as nicely wrapped!)

Red & white button ornament

Red & white mini bunting made from some gorgeous cotton my best Canadian friend brought over for me.

Ready to be wrapped

I wrapped them both in white tissue paper with silver 'celebrate' printed on. Yes, ok, it's left over from our wedding in Jan 2010, you found me out.

Wrapped it in my doily printed brown paper, tied with a red and green ribbon.

Topped off with one of my green ribbon corsage brooches. (Available to buy here).

I popped it in the post to Twinkle Star and checked out her blog post full of praises when she received it. I think she was being far too kind myself!

Anyway, my first swap went well I thought and I've found a new bloggy friend in Twinkle Star.

When the time comes I'll be linking this post up to Eisy Morgan's Ornament exchange round up so if you're visiting from there, hello, welcome, make yourself at home :)

If you're not then pop over and see some of the other ornaments that were swapped.

Samantha xx

At home with Mrs H

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  1. Samantha-- Your gift and the ones you received are ALL so lovely! I'm stopping in to say that your comment on our Christmas cards made me chuckle. I never knew that about the peace sign in the UK. Next time my 'tween' flashes the sign, I'll point out the proper way--for everyone! I'm so glad you commented. I'm your new follower. I want to hear the rest of the verses in your 12 Days of Christmas! Merry Christmas to you!

  2. Wow Samantha, you are too kind! I am so glad you were pleased with your swap goodies! I am over the moon with mine seriously - the bunting is the highlight of my festive mantel and I said to my hub about your button ornament that 'I wish I'd thought of that' - it is so creative! Thanks again, from your new bloggy friend xx

  3. Hi Samantha, I have just done a re-cap post about the exchange (if you want a little read) and have linked up to Eisy Morgan's party! Have a fab week! xx

  4. Wow you totally made out, love love love it all!


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