Making my own wrapping paper


Ok, so really, I'm a brown paper packages tied up with string kinda gal but when it came to Eisy Morgan's ornament exchange I thought I'd best put a bit of effort in seeing as my exhange partner is the world's best wrapper. Trust me, I follow her blog!

Ok, so I started with masking taping my brown paper to the floor to keep it from rolling up. The desk would have been better on my back was busy. (Genuinely busy, not just messy!)

Then I laid some different size/pattern doilies down on top and painted red or white through the gaps. Using the doilies as stencils would have been easier to read wouldn't it. *sigh*

Then when that first layer had dried I went back and did some more overlapping. This was maybe a mistake. If I did it again I probably would have stopped at one layer of paint.

Yes, the one in the bottom is pink. Oops!

I popped some gold shiny card decal thingys (proper name for these? anyone?) onto the paper to give it that extra sparkly goodness that Christmas deserves.

Anyway, here it is in action around my exchange partner's pressie. I won't post now about what's inside, but if you pop over to her blog and hunt through last week's archives you might be able to find it :)

I'll pop a post about what she sent me shortly but it's so amazing I think it deserves a post all to itself.

Samantha x

At home with Mrs H

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  1. Aww thanks Samantha - your exchange gifts were amazing too! I really love how you used the doilies - it turned out fantastic! x


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