The new house


We spent boxing day at the new house giving it a good all over clean and moving the kitchen across. We were kind of running out of packing boxes so we decided we'd pack the kitchen almost fully, move it over and then bring the boxes back. By the time we left we could easily move into the house if all we needed was an unpacked kitchen. Shame about the rest!

I took some photos to show you :)

The view standing on our front doorstep. Yes, it's raining. It always is :)

The kitchen. It's brand new. The fridge/freezer will go on the left in the corner there. The hob is gas but the oven is electric. Not sure what it'll be like, we'll have to wait and see.

The bathroom is through that door at the back there as is common in terraced houses in Wales.

Space for the washing machine under the counter. It's not that common to have a separate utility area here although I totally wish it were everytime I see a laundry room makeover!

The view from the dining room window. Imagine it with lots of pots containing colourful flowers and my salad garden.

View from the back bedroom. If it weren't raining you might be able to see that those trees at the back of the garden then lead up to the mountain behind.

View from the front small bedroom. The Christmas tree isn't really there, I just didn't want to advertise the estate agents :)

Front main bedroom. Ditto for the gingerbread man!

View of the landing from the doorway of the 2nd bedroom. The rooms are small but we should be able to adapt our living to fit in comfortably.

View from the top of the stairs. I'm so excited about having an airing cupboard I can't even tell you!

Standing on the curve of the staircase.
Front living room


Back dining room

I'm sure there'll be more pics when we've moved and gotten a bit more settled.

Samantha xx

At home with Mrs H

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  1. I'm uber jealous! Mountains?? If you look out our window you see ... flatness!! Just sheer flatness!! So, when can I move in? Which room is mine?? :)


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