What I wore Sunday #19


We interrupt this regularly scheduled post for an additional participant.


My dad!

My dad and Sue do a grand tour once a year in December visiting everyone, celebrating an early Christmas and generally being jolly and this last week was their visit. They arrived Wednesday evening and left late Sunday morning. Far from relaxing while they were here they were gallivanting all over the place to get the most out of seeing us daughters!

Anyway, so that's me and my dad yesterday (Sunday). As you can see I'm dressed for saying goodbye to guests not church as we missed church to see them off. Not that I have an issue with wearing jeans, hoodie, fluffy socks and a miniature Santa hat to church, just that sometimes I try to make an effort!

Don't you think I look even shorter next to my dad?! Will I ever look like a grown up around my parents? lol :)

Samantha x

At home with Mrs H

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