The best Christmas presents....


...are usually the ones that can be made. Every year I get at least one kit of some kind and this year it was a mosaic coaster kit.

I set about it with great gusto until I finished ripping open the bag and discovered that the pieces for making the mosaic were TINY!

Here's what was inside.

Tiny, tiny, tiny pieces! Each of those squares on the pale green mat is 1cm.

It's not quite what the picture looks like. It would help if I got around to grouting it one day. I'm sure I will. One day. Just not this day!

p.s. I also might get around to doing a post on what my favourite presents were this year. But it's already halfway through January, if you weren't over Christmas last week, this week you definitely must be. I was over Christmas by the 27th of December what with moving on the 30th!

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