Confessions of a SAHM giveaway {£20 Mrs H credit}


Ok, I couldn't think of a longer post title so we'll have to stick with that one.

Confessions of a stay at home mom (blatantly I wrote mum and had to change it then) is celebrating her blogiversary so called for giveawayers to participate. I jumped at the chance and offered a £20 store credit for my shop.

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If you want to enter pop over to Confessions of a SAHM and check it out...there's an absolute ton of things you can win so well worth a looksie :)

Confessions of a Stay At Home Mommy

Samantha xx

At home with Mrs H

p.s. I've just realised we both have the same curly frame. I'm gonna blame Benny for that one seeing as I don't make my own graphics :D

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