Happy 2nd anniversary!!


Yesterday {23/1) was our 2 year anniversary. We kinda didn't realise til Saturday so didn't have anything planned. We did have pancakes for dinner though so that was a nice treat.

I thought I'd share with you some of our wedding photos as I didn't blog back then {that long, long ago year of 2010} and so you didn't get to share my joy.

We had a typical 'white wedding' with pretty much most of the trimmings. We did what we wanted and who cares if it's what others were doing or not.

These photos were all taken by my gorgeous Aunt {in-law} Fiona and she managed to capture some great memories for us.

It was a beautiful, warm sunny day. Yes, in January, in Wales {the country that if it's not raining then it's just stopped or just about to start!}

 Dusband Dusiancé and his best man James waiting for play to kick off. Apparently Dus' hankie kept falling out of his pocket despite my sister Amanda giving him a sheet of ways to fold handkerchiefs the day before. *sigh* In need of a wife? I think so!

Also, yes his cravattey thing is on back to front. To this day he maintains that's the way it's meant to be worn and all the other men had theirs on back to front. I still love him though ;)

Who can tell what thoughts were going through Dus' mind while basking in the glory of the sun before I arrived. I'm super glad Fiona caught this though, it brightens my day whenever I'm feeling a bit grumpy.
I asked my brother in law Matthew to walk me down the aisle. Not because I don't have a father or even a step-father, I have both. I just wanted Matt. He drove us from the hotel to the church in his Vauxhall Astra {I know, typical Luton girl!} and I felt so calm and peaceful.

Actually, thinking about it that may have been the breakfast prayer meeting we had with our friends and family before we started to get ready. It was probably one of my favourite parts of the day. Dus and I had both stayed at the hotel the night before the wedding although we hadn't intended for Dus to stay, it just happened there was a spare room already paid for. In the morning we gathered with our family and friends and gave God thanks and Dus' uncle Johnny gave us a word. Perfect start to the day.

I did have my veil over my face but it kept getting stuck to my lipstick while I was singing the first song ''Great is thy faithfulness'' so my maid of honour helped me to pull it over to the back before the 'proper' time.
Our pastor Dale conducted the ceremony for us and did a fab job. I think he may have been more nervous than us as it was only his second but you could never tell, he was really professional and gave a great little talk after the worship time.

We wanted our wedding to be a regular church service but with our vows thrown in. Although people had come just for us, we wanted to make it all about God. We had the order that I entered, we sang a song, Dale prayed then we said our vows. While we were signing the register we had a duet from our friends then went straight into a time of worship. We had a couple of readings a talk and another praise song before a prayer and us leaving. It was great!!

Then after the proper photos {none included here lol} it was back to the hotel for dinner, speeches and dancing the night away. Seriously, there's no one who loves a boogie more than our church family!

We paid extra to have a fairy light curtain behind us and I have to say it was worth every penny. It disguised a rather tired burgundy and gold wall and made us look like we were angels {ok, maybe not}.

This is the moment we got up to do our first dance and Dus and I both realised neither of us knew how to dance. We just wibbled around a bit in a circle sobbing like babies. Great stuff lol.

Why was I not surprised to see Pam {the good egg} right in the middle of the conga line when I opened up this photo?! I love Pam, she's my birthday twin and whenever there's a cupboard to clear out, we're your gals!

What's that Matt, you think we should look as though we're really involved in our conversation so we don't get pulled into the conga line? Ah go on then.

 My dad being....well, a dad. He had this funky t shirt hidden under his 'proper' wedding suit the whole time. I think he was most glad we had a disco so that he could strut his funky stuff!

We had a cupcake tower. This was a huge bargain, the cupcakes came in packs of 4 from Asda for 99p and were on buy one get one free. Big impact, low cost.

We also had a 'message tree' instead of a guest book. When mum cut down her twisted willow she kept us some branches which we sprayed silver and cemented into a silver bucket. There was a card in front asking people to leave us a message to help us remember the day.

Despite the pint in his hand, this is probably my favourite pic from the day as it shows just how happy we both were to be starting this journey together.

Samantha xx

At home with Mrs H

p.s. posting may be sporadic this week, I'm super busy with work/church/visitors but will try to post as I can. If I don't post I end up talking rubbish to Dusband instead of you so I do try to post. :)

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  1. congratulations on your anniversary

    You look so beautiful in the photos and you look like your dad LOL

    Natasha xx

  2. It was a super day. :o)


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