Toolbox to droolbox


This is a new post rather than a previous one you think you'd have noticed if I didn't mention it? x

Not strictly speakingly true.....and it's still a toolbox, but it's drool-worthy now it's done.

So here's how it went down. I had tools, basic tools but I kept them nicely. Then I got married and automatically my tools became Dusband's tools. I was happy to hand over DIY responsibility, I haven't got the patience for DIY.

But Dusband believes that tools are for being tools and don't need to be looked after and cared for and nestled in their original packaging.

So coming on for two years now I've accepted that, I've let the toolbox continue to be his domain. Especially when my sister and bro in law gave him an awsome sturdy iron toolbox that they repainted bright blue for him. (Admittedly they gave him the toolbox like...urm...years ago now!)

I decided it was time that I tackled the toolbox so I did the usual routine of empty, clean, put back in neatly. Here we go.


How on earth he can find things I don't know. All the screws are in those bags on the side sections.

All emptied out. I washed it out and wiped it down so that it didn't go rusty.

All emptied out

Once it was clean I lined it with some non slip rug grip liner type stuff. £4 from Wilkinson's for a roll and there's some left still.

The side sections with allen keys, drill bits & ratchet heads and then jigsaw blades. The non-slip lining means they'll stay exactly where they are.

The other side with screwdrivers, pliers etc

The main base section has screws in small tubs individually labelled for size, a divider tub with hooks and nails and then a catch-all tub for odds and ends.

The individual screw tubs. 48p each(Wilkinson's), can't go wrong!

The 'other' tub with odds and ends and the cordless drill.
What do you think of that then?

Samantha xx

At home with Mrs H

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  1. It seems that you know what you are doing women do have brains lol

  2. I love tools too! My dad set me up with a HUGE tool box and I swear I couldn't live without it! I'm not as good at keeping it organized, but I try.
    Thanks for sharing, Jules

  3. great post! Thanks for linking up to the Tuesday Talent Show! I hope to see you again next week!
    Chef in Training


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