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Ok, let's have a giveaway. The first of the year, huzzah!

{yes, I did put huzzah in as an ode to my fez wearing fans}

The winner will win TWO of these lime green and turquoise butterfly cushions.

Covered with turquoise & lime green butterfly print cotton, these cushions are approximately 13" x 13" (35cm x 35cm). The cushion pads inside are polyester filled brand new cushion bases.

The cushions are finished off with an envelope back which makes it ideal for both bed or sofa as you're able to lay your head without a pesky zip digging in!

Rightio, I won't make it complicated. Click the 'follow' button over there on the side and leave me a comment letting me know you are a follower. This time next week I'll get to choose a winner and I'll let you know who it is. Easy enough? Good...let's go!

Giveaway open to UK and INTERNATIONAL followers, all welcome, no postage to pay etc :)

Samantha xx

At home with Mrs H

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  1. Those cushions are fab - the print is just gorgeous! Would love to enter your giveaway x

  2. I'm a follower :) Would looove to enter your giveaway! Those cushions are awesome!

  3. Gorgeous Cushions!! Follower

    Natasha xx


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