Happy coming to power day Queenie :)


60 years since the Queen ascended. Today that is, Monday 6th February 2012. 60 years!!

Seriously, no matter what your views are on the monarchy, 60 years is a long time to do anything, let alone doing without a carefree throw it all in the car type holiday.

 The Lady Moyra Campbell , one of the Queen's maids of honour described the service below:
"The ceremony was deeply moving, intensely religious and affecting"

I like the Queen, she's a God fearing woman, she's a good source of revenue for the UK and a darn sight better than the prime minister on a coin.


Not sure about the dysfunctional rest of them. What do you think?

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  1. God Save the Queen :) I find the royal family pretty entertaining sometimes, like how Prince Philip has a habit of putting his foot in it, or Harry gets in the tabloids for doing something daft...but all these kind of things are a good reminder that the royal family are human, not robots as some seem to think! They bring in so many tourists to the country, too. Considering how young the Queen was when she came to the throne - right after losing her father, too - she deserves a lot of respect for her hard work and dedication to the country. :)

  2. Perhaps because I'm American and we don't have royalty (unless you count Hollywood, which I do not!) but I am fascinated by the monarchy. Good for her! You are right, 60 years is a long time!! As for dysfunctional, why wouldn't they be? They're human just as we are ... and I don't know one family that isn't a tad bit dysfunctional :)

  3. 60 years on the throne. That's one long turd!


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