Housewarming tour {Dining room}


Ok, so this is a post of two halves cos I took some photos of the food and dining room on our housewarming evening and then I took some in daylight hours as it is with normal times. (I know that sentence is weak!)

Bunting cos it was a party. Available in my etsy shop here

The buffet. The only thing left at the end was a mound of pasta and almost all of the clementines!

Sausages on sticks. It wouldn't be a party without them!

Ok, here's the room in normalness.

This room is a bit of a corridor as the kitchen and bathroom are through the right door and the hallway, stairs and everything else through the left door.

View from the hallway door. Valentine's flowers on the table :) Patio chairs still waiting to go into the shed :(

The bookshelves. I've got my organising/prettifying sights set on you two!

Door back out to the hallway. The fronds on the left here are our spider plant on the mantlepiece.

What do you think of all the wood? I'm not overly keen on it although I understand it's beautiful etc. It just doesn't look as nice and fresh.


At home with Mrs H

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  1. Normalness. Your sisters insisted that the correct word is normalcy, (which I don't like), but I prefer normality. Maybe all are acceptable. It just goes to show, doesn't it? Although I don't know what exactly.


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