Housewarming tour {Living room}


First stop on our house-warming tour is the living room.

Coming through the door

DVD's, painting, telly...the usual 'stuff'

As you can see I tidied up nicely for the photos...

The other side of the room with yet more stuff. One day I'll make these chairs less granny.

My craft fair bestie Leigh gave me these flowers....THREE weeks ago! They're still beautiful and going well. If I could arrange them nicely it would be good but I am a plonker. :)

These are the flowers Dusband got me on valentine's day. The roses are almost dead before the lily has opened. He should have got me carnations like Leigh!

My map hearts are living on the window sill for the moment.
So I know my furniture is all a bit of a mish mash, we did have a purple/turquoise thing going on at the old house but this house has brown carpets and it just doesn't look right. I'm not keen on brown...any ideas?

Samantha xx

At home with Mrs H

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  1. Mamfar, I love your "map hearts", they're lovely! Is there a story to them?! You may have given me some ideas... :oD Ruth x x


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