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Ok, so I can't believe that no one other than us Brits seems to celebrate house-warmings. Especially the celebrate everything else!!

I went looking for some cute printables for our house-warming and there were none so there were no nice printed things for our house-warming. Oh well.

So to start with as you come into our house you're in the hallway. Directly in front of you is the staircase and to the right is the living room and then the dining room.

I suspect that the main purpose of house-warmings are to satisfy our British curiosity surrounding how people live. I know whenever I go to one I want to have a look round so I thought I'd make it easy for people to feel that they could go have a look without feeling awkward.

What do you think? Would you have the courage to go and 'tour' our house?

Also, just out of interest, is it just a British thing to be curious? My pastor and his wife and our elder went to Atlanta last month and one of the ex-pats out there showed them around his house because he knew they'd want the whole tour. Maybe it is just us Brits?

p.s. don't worry, the rest of the house pics are coming over the next few days, you haven't missed out on your tour!

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  1. Woof! Hows you guys doin? I seem to remember flat/house warmings in Kiwiland... Hope you are settling into your new home well


  2. Hmmm, maybe us Brits are just nosy ;) Hope your House-warming went well! x

  3. I don't think it's totally a Brit thing ... us Americans may not advertise it like you do but we have "reality TV shows" all about showing off people's homes :) I think we all are nosey :)

    I remember as a young girl going to "poundings" when someone got a new home. The idea was you bring a "pound" of flour or sugar or eggs, etc. to start off their new home the right way.


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