3 Feet and a bar


Gotta love me a friend who not only tells you you're brilliant but then sends you a neat little parcel in the mail.

By neat I mean tidy and compact, easy to pull the tape off and open to find these little beauties nestled within.

Oh, what's that hiding under the packing chips and feet?

Who can resist a man who sends sewing machine feet and a big bar of chocolate as a present to a friend 'just because'? Girls, he's single :)

Anyway, so I tried out these badboys. Not the pintuck one cos I didn't think to get a double needle. One day my beauty, one day.

Next I tried the gathering foot.

I started with the right stitch length and a high tension and no joy, I adjusted and tried again, and again, and again. Bad thoughts may have come about my basicest of basic sewing machine. In the end I went through all the options of stitch length and tension and still no  joy. I think that my serger fund may soon change into a sewing machine fund!

Ok, finally I tried the free motion foot. I covered my feed dogs with some card as advised by Kei over at Unfortunately, oh!

Before I show you my free motioning, check out the gorgeous sign Kei sewed. Is sewed a word?

To pin, please click the picture to go to Unfortunately, Oh! and pin from there please :)

I think I might actually love this more than my own map hearts!

Anyway, so I tried it and here is my first ever attempt at free motion sewing.

Not brilliant but so much fun! I can't wait to practise some more!!

So ladies, who is the gentleman I have to thank for these gifts?

I present to you, Ben.

I stole this posery photo from his facebook page. He's much more loveable in real life. :)

He lives in the south of England, has all his own hair, teeth and good eyesight. He's a Christian and works as a caretaker for his church. He likes cats but that's not a bad thing. Did I mention he's single? If you want to get in touch with him you can visit his blog here.

Ok, enough match making, thank you Ben for my feet and chocolate. What more could a girl ask for?

Samantha xx

At home with Mrs H

p.s. no, I haven't forgotten your birthday!

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  1. Your friend is awesome! My guy friends never sent me stuff like that...but they other stuff like fix my computer and get me hooked on anime...lol

    Thanks for the little plug of my wall art! :D
    I definitely have a love/hate thing with free motion (most recently more love than hate!) Have read that you should put fabric in an embroidery hoop to keep it taut when you sew, but my embroidery hoop got turned into a wreath ^^;


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