Not so amaze-balls blog post


Righty-O blog readers, it's exactly 7 days since my last post so today I thought I'd come back with a bang and amaze you all (y'all for Tammie) with a totally rocking blog post.

But I spent 2 hours this morning trying to find cheaper home insurance (£98 saving...holla!) and my get up and go got up and went :)

Anyway, so last week...last....week. I was ill. I couldn't move I was so achey and I had razor blades in my throat and I lost my voice. But no cold or snot or any of that nastiness. Then as if by magic, Sunday lunchtime I was better. Incredible right?

Fortunately for me this weekend we had super hot weather (14C, 57F). Ok, maybe not super hot but seriously warm and spring like for us! I was sat in the garden in a t shirt and jeans. IN WALES people! I would say Holla again but I'm not Erin and just can't pull off such a rockin' move.

Right, so, here I was today perusing the old Pinterest for some motivation or something to talk to you about and I came across this picture. It's pinned directly from the image unfortunately so I can't give proper credit, just pinterest credit. *sigh*


It made me giggle a bit cos urm....DUR, here I am sat perusing pinterest. Darn right there's someone working harder than me. In fact, that person working harder than me is sat behind me working harder than me.

*Quick look over shoulder to check he hasn't noticed I'm checking pinterest*

Ok, we're safe. In other news I seem to have missed the start of allergy prevention-ness and hayfever has started. Last year the Dr told me to start taking my tablets a month before my hayfever started, but this year I was way am I going to the surgery in the middle of winter for my tablets. Ooops, looks like it's nasal sprays for another year.

In only 3 weekends worth of serious graft (from Dusband of course) our garden is finally starting to take shape. Maybe I should have done a post about my garden. Oh well.

So, some things that I'm thinking about.

1) I definitely need to get better at saving money so that I can buy an overlocker one day.
2) I bought white shoes, does that make me old?
3) This month's picture on the calendar has a goat standing on the back of a horse. True story.
4) I wonder if they're going to rename the tube 'Sardine travel' over the summer.

Anyway, I'm sure I must have some good blog posts fermenting in this crazy ole  brain of mine somewhere, I promise to type them up as they come out. :)

Love you all lots, much more than jelly tots
Samantha xx

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  1. I love how your post about 'nothing' actually made me smile numerous times! Holla back :) Love reading your posts! x

  2. Aww boo for being ill D= I'm glad you're feeling better now!

    That picture made me grin! Have you seen the one that says something like, 'Someone busier than you is running right now' ? Whenever I see that I think, 'yeah, I'm cool with that'!

    Have you been watching SuperScrimpers? I am addicted to that

    I think you're onto something with the tube...I've got to travel through London during the Olympics and am planning on a route that will avoid the tube altogether!

  3. "Ya'll" are hilarious! Always can count on you to brighten my day.

  4. I just found your blog today and have had fun reading your last few posts. I don't suffer from allergies, but my sister-in-law does, so that basically makes me an expert, right? Anyway, not sure if you have them in wales, but I highly recommend getting a netipot (order it online if you have to). Way better than nasal sprays as it actually cleans OUT your sinuses, not just sprays stuff into them. I use mine anytime I feel a cold coming on or if I get a sinus infection and it works wonders. Anyone I know with allergies who uses it loves it too.


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