The first fair of the season


I know, I promised myself I wouldn't do any more craft fairs.

But aside from the fuzzy head from getting up too early, the panic of pricing and the spending far too much at other crafter's stalls, I really love craft fairs!

This one Saturday was fairly local to me in Merthyr Tydfil in the High St Baptist Church hall. It was bright, cheerful, and had the most delicious chocolate fudge cake I've ever tasted! 40p a slice, bargain!

I took some piccies of mine and the other stalls for you and I'll try to link to the businesses below the photos where I have contact details.

I met some great people and Lizzie and I had a really fun day.

Forever tangles Facebook page has their shop where you can buy or commission works. I was fascinated with these all day and kept wandering over to have a shifty eye sneaky peek!

I didn't get any contact details for these lovely ladies at all but I'll try harder next month!

My first purchase of the day was a pair of earrings from Joie's stall before I'd even sold anything myself! Typical. You can visit Joie's website here.

 Unfortunately Paula had run out of business cards but I have her number if that helps?

I couldn't stop laughing at her plaques they were so witty. My favourite was probably the one that said , 'You'll always be my best friend, you know too much.'
The organiser of the fair had their own stall with beautiful candles and wax melts all lovingly wrapped up and badly photographed by me!

And of course the most photos are of mine and Lizzie's stall :) What's a blog for if not some shameless self promotion?!

You can visit my etsy store here.

It was only the first fair there this Saturday but hopefully it'll be every month, I'll let you know in advance of the next one so you can pop over for a goosey gander. Except you Tammie, you can't commute from Florida to our fair just so that you can see my bunting!

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  1. It was nice that I got to pop in and see you too even though I wasn't well enough to do the fair myself.
    All the stalls were fabulous but I was most taken by the plaque that said forget therapy screaming obscenities is faster and cheaper! Brilliant! :-)

  2. But oh how I would love to visit your fairs! LOVE craft fairs. And actually your favorite quote is hanging in magnet form on a file cabinet in my office. Funny!!

    Another cool thing is, I am just now starting to see in America the cloth bunting pick up. Usually we just throw around so crepe paper streamers but I am starting to see blogs where Americans are decorating with bunting now. How cool is that!? You are a trend setter!!

  3. You forgot Lee!

    His online gallery is here:


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