What I wore Sunday #29


ok, so I need some feedback here on what I wore.

I have this dress, it's super flattering but I feel like it's a bit frumpy, what do you think?

Now I upload these photos I know I'll never wear my knee high flat black boots with the dress again, how could I not realise they're too chunky for such a delicate dress?

Anyway, what do you think? Is it the pattern, the length? the sleeve length? Or do you think it's fine and I'm being a moaning martha?

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  1. Dress is very nice indeed! You're right about the boots though, they don't go with it x

  2. Ooh that dress is flattering! I think it would look nicer with shoes or shoeboots though, with a heel. It might also be a more flattering length if it was a little shorter, though I think length is always a matter of taste (I tend to wear skirts either on/just above the knee, or ankle/floor length, and nothing in between because below-knee skirts make me look short!)
    And maybe some chunky, bright, contrasting accessories, like yellow or red.
    If you like wearing cardis and suchlike over your dress then a cropped cardi/bolero/shrug might look nice, because it wouldn't hide the shape of the dress and the fact you have a teeny tiny waist! :)

  3. I like the dress! I think it's the boots and the cardigan that are throwing it off. You were right about the boots, you need lighter shoes. And same with the cardigan. Since it has sleeves I don't think you need it, but if must, then it needs to be shorter. And I agree with the comment about contrasting accessories.
    You're so brave. I have yet to be willing to post about my clothes and get feedback. Though I totally need it. :)


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