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The best thing about having the internet is making friends. In my opinion.

Sure you could use the web for stuff like learning, working, watching Big Rich Texas.

I do all three. :)

Anyway, so when Natasha at Serenity You said she was going to do a weekly feature showing off our blogs (by us a I mean her loyal but ever so beautiful readership) I applied at once!

Natasha has supported me in my business and given me great compliments all along, she's got a great, easy to read blog and sometimes I even get myself together enough to link up to her link party. heh!

Serenity you

She also has a 200 club where she will help you promote your blog if you have 200 or less followers until you hit 200. I didn't join that cos I tend to just ramble about stuff from my head and it's probably safest for the general public if they don't have to follow me.
p.s. thanks to all my followers, you're already in too deep, it's too late to save yourselves :)
p.p.s. I bet I log on tomorrow and I've lost followers lol

Anyhoo. So this week was my week to be featured on her 52 weeks of you so I thought I'd link up and let you mosey on over there and check it out. Whaddaya gotta looooose eh?

I think I need to have some more sugar today, something's going weird, I'm talking like a cowboy. Or girl. I'll prescribe some chocolate to myself while you go check it out.

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