The week we went into Battle pt1


haw haw, I'm just so funny!

Last week we went on our first holiday alone (together) since our honeymoon 2 1/2 years ago. It was nice not having to be polite to other people for a whole (almost!) week!

We started off in Winchester on Sunday seeing some of our friends. I call them besties but secretly I add an a in there and in my mind call them beasties. They didn't know this til now. Hi beasties!!

We went to Winchester Cathedral and sat and waited for Evensong to start. We lasted about ten minutes before we got a bit fed up and wanted to go for tea and cakes (although it was beautiful etc) so we sneaked out. Well, myself and my two beasties sneaked out, Dus stopped in the middle of the aisle to do up his shoelace. Ha! No shame.
It's been repainted since and is a lovely cream colour with brown door. Very tasteful!

Monday we continued eastwards to our destination for the remainder of the week, a little holiday cottage near the town of Battle. I would highly recommend this accommodation if anyone is ever in the area looking for 4* luxury. We honestly didn't want for anything! Except maybe some more chocolate but seeing as it's self catering, that was my own fault. You can check out the website for it here.

We popped into the nearest supermarket in Bexhill on Sea and had a little drive around to see if we could see the sea. Evidently we could.

And an ice cream van. For those of us who don't live right near the sea, there's always a small thrill at the first glimpse I find. It didn't matter that this was a stony beach, I love the smell of the sea and just seeing those crashing waves. It's easier for us in the UK to go to the seaside I guess because no matter where you are, you're no more than a few hours away unlike in the US where you could be a good day or two away!

The next morning we were the luxurious winners and breakfasted like we were on holiday with pain au chocolat (chocolate pants) and brioche, big round cups of tea and crystal glasses of juice.

I know, you're jealous right?

Anyway, the rest of the week followed with typical tourist things like going to visit Michelham Priory and eating super overpriced chocolate brownie in the tea room.

I obviously thought you'd rather see some lovely wood panelling than my chocolate brownie. Or I ate it too fast, one or the other :)

We were by far the youngest people at this tourist hot spot for coach trips but we didn't care, we love going round old places.

I took a photo of this baby walker....would you say it was retro, vintage or just plain OLD?

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  1. Looks like a nice trip! Haven't been to Michelham Priory since I was a kid (teddy bears picnic!) so never really appreciated its awesomeness lol

  2. Thats a baby walker? I thought it was one of those things you sit on to go to the toilet, for the infirm.


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