The week we went into Battle pt2


We actually went into Battle one day (the town, not the war). The town Battle is where the battle of Hastings happened in the year 1066. You can pay £9 each to go and walk round the actual muddy field where the battle took place. We didn't. We stood outside and took a photo of the entrance to the abbey and battlefield so I could blog about it.

In Battle we went to a museum called 'The way we lived' or something like that which was full of old shops and 'stuff'. We really enjoyed ourselves! I took a couple of pics there but the lighting was awful so just squint a bit and we'll be set.

Here's Dusband having a chat with the chemist's wife who just so happens to look an awful lot like Maggie Thatcher! She didn't give a great performance, she was a little wooden!

"Mainoids, A powerful tonic for men. Repair the nerve strain of over-taxed business men." Enough said.

I'm not entirely certain this beefeater is really fit for duty....

As you can see, I only get my camera out for really bizarre things!

That evening we went bowling and I crushed Dus off!

I didn't win really, our scores were:
1st game Me: 81, Dus: 116
2nd game Me:98, Dus: 158. He won!!

It's not much of a surprise to be fair, I am a bit random when bowling, no consistency at all!

Ok, let's move on. We went swimming (no pictures) where I partook in rule 368: Thou shalt drink hot chocolate after swimming. Always. The end. (Or else the Queen tells you off).

Then to Eastbourne to walk along the pier. 

This is where rule 369 comes in. Doughnuts shall ALWAYS be consumed upon a pier. (or anywhere at the seaside really).

Ok, what else. Oh yes, the main reason for going on holiday....a wedding! Now would be a great time to insert a photo of the gorgeous bride (ivory lace, corsage with bling, orange gerberas) and handsome groom (brown tweed suit with pheasant feather buttonhole anyone?) but I took a photo of the barn instead. As you do.

Dus' friend from university came down for the wedding which was great. We only knew the bride and groom and Dus' friend! Good job he was a fun fella and we had a right laugh with him. Unfortunately his wife had to stay back with the children for the weekend but I made him take her some cake home. I wonder if it actually got back!

Like a fool I didn't think to ask anyone to take a photo of Dus and I together so we had to take a photo when we got back to the holiday cottage. 

I only bought new shoes and new earrings for this outfit..bonus! I was wearing a thermal vest and tights. I wore my coat once we got to the barn too as did Dus! 

Dus had a tie but I ironed it and some weakness went on it. He still looked good though as he always does!

Sunday we checked out of our little holiday home and came back home to Wales.

We got some soup out of the freezer.......waited a while for it to defrost and heated it up.

There ends our week away in Battle. :)

This weekend I have a craft fair in Merthyr High street Baptist church hall on Saturday then we're helping my sister Lizzie move over to Wales (wohoo!). Next week I'm working 5 days (like this week) and then my dad's getting married on Saturday in Luton. Back to England for us then!


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  1. You look gorgeous! And Dus - that handsome devil. You make a ridiculously pretty couple.

  2. You stunner! Glad you had a fab week. The manoids pic gave us a chuckle. xx


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