What I wore Saturday {Wedding Edition}


Do you ever wish you'd brushed your fingers through your fringe and tucked that stray bit back before posing for photographs with the groom?

Yar, me too.

Anyway, here's the best of the bunch of photos on my camera (I'm blaming Mr Dusband for the out-takes!) for my what I wore.

I know it will probably hang over the edge of my border but if you're going to have a 6 person What I wore, it deserves the space right?

It was my dad's wedding on Sunday and to my younger sister Amanda's wedding he'd worn a tuxedo T shirt. To my wedding I made him wear a smart hire suit to match the other men but in the evening he stripped off to reveal this...

So the day we heard he was getting married us 'children' hatched a plan. Tuxedo T shirts. It didn't matter what style, as long as they were T shirts. Amanda and Matt chose Welsh Daffodils and Liz chose an English rose. Dus & I embraced our my love of pink :)

I'm not sure many others really got the joke but my dad loved it, would you ever wear a tuxedo T shirt to a wedding?

Samantha xx

At home with Mrs H

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  1. What's Lizzie pointing at, I wonder?

  2. I absolutely love it! Perfect memory!!

  3. Dad was sooooooooooo impressed as well! Thanks for making the day even more special! :) Sue

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