Dear Benny, part 5


Hey Benno!

I've never called you Benno's definitely different! So yesterday was your birthday.....woooooohhhhhoooooo!!!!!! 37 now....and still with the maturity of a 5 year old.

I hope you don't mind, I had to edit your photo and give you a moustache in case you were flooded with requests from lovely single Christian ladies who would like to get to know you better....what with you being a handsome single chap and all!

We had a fairly busy Monday and Tuesday and....wait, today is Wednesday 1st of AUGUST!!!! Someone stole July and replaced it with March it feels like, I bet you're glad to be somewhere so warm.

Talking of warm, I saw this on Pinterest and thought of you.


Anyway, Tuesday night church was amazeballs (As Guiliana Rancic would say) and lives were changed Praise God!

Today is/was Wednesday and I started the day knowing that my pattern pieces were wrong for the Rosie Patchwork bag due to be released Friday and knowing that my pattern piece editor/draw-er was in Thailand for another week (that's you....). Fortunately I twisted Dusband's arm to edit them for me. Don't worry, he wasn't anywhere near as good at customer service as you so you're not replaced.

Now it's just a 24 hour race to get the instructions edited following the super feedback from my pattern testers.

On top of a phone call today from Dusband's biggest client checking we'd be ok for lunch tomorrow (he's based in Leeds....) it shaped up to be a busy day!

You know how crazy I get when people are coming over, let alone someone who pays us to work for him! Well....I had been spray painting in the kitchen so now I have apple green lines on the floor where the spray over shot the newspaper. I had to do it inside with dust mask and windows open etc because once again it was R.A.I.N.I.N.G. I have a photo of me looking all attractive in the dust mask etc but don't want to overexcite you in your old age now so I'll save that for part 6.

Hope you're having a great time and really feel the worth of what you're doing over there,

Missing you,

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  1. Wow! you're going to be reaqlly busy! good luck! amd keep calm.


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