Dear Benny, part six


I can't remember whether this one should be 6 or six.

Anyway, hello!!!! How are you? I hope that by now you're luxuriating in luxury settings and trying to resist jumping in the swimming pool. I bet you can't :)

One of my lovely pattern testers (Oh Benny, I have the best!) made me laugh this week, she very kindly said that she hopes my husband is home soon. I honestly couldn't for the life of me work out what she was talking about.....Dus only goes out for an hour a day without me for his run at 5am and trust me, this was well after 5am. (Why would I be out of bed that early anyway?!)

I suddenly realised she was talking about my letters to you. Urm, oops! It wasn't that she thought you were my husband that made me laugh, it was the memory of my two best friends, you and Peter both discussing how you could NEVER be married to me back in January. I presume it was related to my rejection of leftovers, my immaculately kept home (ha!) and my desire for things to be just perfect.

How are those not covetous qualities?! Fortunately God did give me a man who could cope with my quirks and foibles and instead burdened you with being my friend.

So you've missed some excitement then by way of 'summer of sport'. (I'm too scared to write anything to do with it incase I get sued by the super strict trade marking that has occurred during this set of games that happens once every 4 years. I'm afraid I've missed much of it too...I find it hard to get excited by it. I did watch Victoria Pendleton win the cycling though, I clutched Dusband's hand so hard he almost lost use in it! (Who am I kidding, that boy is the strongerest in the world).

You've also missed some much better excitement by way of spray painting of a bunting stand.

Apparently putting specs over a dust mask means it's gonna get steamy all up in there. Oh well, the stand looked good.

Sales were ok at today's craft fair but not great. We're going to give fairs a miss for a little while now til nearer Christmas.

There's been some baking going on round here.

Cinnamon buns from the children's book of baking. I have nicknamed them cinnamon poos.

I have also started preparing for Christmas as many of my fellow crafters have been urging me to think about doing for a little while now.

I'm fairly certain that these last 3 days til your return will fly by but just in case they don't I'm going to start thinking about painting my set of drawers. That'll be something nice to tell you when you get back :)

Hope you're well and you have bought me the best present you could ever bring me back!

Lots of love,

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  1. I am sorry, I also thought Benny was your husband. Now I am even more confused. Do you feel inclined to settle that confusion for me/us? I understand friend but even my besties wouldn't get that much detail from me if away. Do you work closely together, speak every singe day???


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