Dear Benny, part 7


Hey Benny,

Right now you're somewhere in the sky. That reminds me of that song....Lucy in the skies with diamonds....

Except you're Ben and not with diamonds. I'm thinking maybe that song had something to do with drugs too. Don't do drugs, they're bad. Now I say that I've realised why the kids at youth call one of our helpers Frank. His name isn't Frank, it's Andrew. But they like to 'talk to Frank'. I've just realised that's off the drugs adverts. Maybe they do work?

So Dusband (aka Mr H) asked if you were home soon. I wonder if he's fed up of having to listen to my chatter during the day instead of my channelling it towards you on msn every day...

Dusband, Kirsty & you last month (nothing to do with this letter)

I told him you were home today and so he asked if you were bringing him back a crocodile. I'm not sure he was serious but with Dusband, who can ever know. He's an enigma! That's also just reminded me that when you two used to play together as kids and you still remember that and he totally doesn't remember it at all. Sad times.

Yes, I stole your Thaiglish photo :)
So the last couple of days since the craft fair then, well Sunday night I was pooped from being polite to people and trying to flog my wares so just laid on the settee like a Queen while Dusband got the tea together. Then Monday was work as usual, (the first day of my second week of my'll know about that if you start at the beginning of these letters) and then when I finished work, urm, I have no idea what we did. I'll ask Dusband, hang on.

We did nothing. Neither of us can really remember so it probably means we did nothing or watched some Olympics. Wait, am I allowed to say Olympics without being sued? Probably not....

Then yesterday was work as usual AGAIN....but every day is a day nearer the end of my notice period and I can get stuck into helping Dusband grow his business. Then after work (I finished at 4pm) I started turning a curtain into a cape for a friend of mine who needs a medieval cape but only had a curtain.
I hope you went swimming....
Then at 7pm it was church as usual on a Chooseday evening. We watched a dvd about Barry Woodward and his testimony. It was a good testimony, as indeed all testimonies are. Even the ones we call ordinary are so much more than ordinary because the God who created the earth was personally involved in that ordinary person's life. Then we tried out the new sofas at church (very squishy and nice) and then we came home where I ate half a block of chocolate. All in all a fairly good day I'd say!

Wait, there's no pictures in this letter....are you bored yet? I'll go back and add some in, pretend they've been there all along will you? (I had to steal some from your facebook as I was due to start work 1m ago!)

Anyhoo, see you soon Benny, hope your journey is going well,
Dus sends his love too,

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  1. I joined your site via GFC. I had to read your profile first and found you live in Wales! The closest I've been to your village? is Clodoch and Longtown in Herefordshire. Since it seems to be less than 1 1/2 hours from you, I'm assuming the topography is just as beautiful? What a lovely part of the world! Hope you'll stop in at Cranberry Morning sometime. I'd love it if you'd follow too. :-)


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