Stashbusting September: Terracotta Voiles


Thank you everyone for your kind words about my last post and the loss of my Nan. The funeral is next Tuesday so there may be a small gap in de-stashing but I've got a couple of things to show you before then.

We moved into our house here in January and since then we tried a pair of pale blue curtains in our dining room, but they were just too delicate for the room. We were also given some cream curtains but I held back from putting them up because the ceilings and windows are so high downstairs. The window itself is 90" let alone the length under the windowsill. I thought curtains ending at the windowsill would look a bit odd because it was such a tall window.

So in my stash I had a roll of terracotta voile...anyone remember seeing it?

See it propped up there?

Ok, so here's our dining room with the bare window. Be warned, I didn't tidy up for the photos!!

I can see that picture making it to pinterest! ha!

Anyway, I flooped a length over the curtain rod and called the Dusband to pronounce his verdict. He said that whilst it would be nice to have curtains that won't block out any more light (there's little natural light coming into this room despite the tall window as the mountain blocks the whole view!) it would be nice to have them a bit more solid than just one thickness of the voile.

So I cut two panels 206" long. Yes, that's 523cm. So I must have had a good few meters on that roll!

I did a rolled hem around all four sides, folded them in half and sewed a line around 3" down from the top fold to create a channel at the top.

I did a rolled hem right along the selvedge, who will notice a few selvedge holes with that amount of yardage?!
Then I put up the two panels, one on either side of the curtain rod.

It looks kinda bare on either end don't you think? (Apart from giving the room a kind of boudoir glow!)

So I cut 1 x 105" panel, cut it down the centre length so I ended up with 2 x 105" panels that were half width. I hemmed all four sides with a rolled hem and then folded over 2" from one end and stitched that in place.

These I then slotted onto the ends of the rods the wrong side of the brackets.

No bald ends now!

It does have a touch of the tart about it when closed but the only time they'll be closed it'll be dark outside anyway so hopefully that won't matter!

Disappointingly once the curtains were up they didn't magically make the room tidier. *sigh*.

They match the fireplace surround at least!

I didn't weigh these but I have one small section of voile left from the whole roll (maxi skirt?) so I'm guessing this one might weigh in quite well cos the cardboard centre has to weigh a few grams right?

The proof of the de-stashing will have to come at the end of the month when I weigh it all again!

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  1. Aren't you clever. Not clever enough to invent something that will magically do the tidying though.LOLLLLL Guess you'll just have to do it yourself unless you can magically get hubby to do it. LOLLLL
    Love the idea of folding them in half. Never would have thought of that.


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