Stashbusting September: Baby gifts


Ok, so my BEFF (best English Friend Forever) is having a baby so I thought I'd make her some gifts in a bid to aid my stashbusting. Admittedly the baby's not due til January, but stashbusting knows no date boundaries! (and I've not really been feeling up to complicated projects this week!)

Anyway, so I 'whipped up' some burp cloths using the template by Homemade by Jill which has curved ends, perfect for daddy shoulders! When I say whipped....I mean it took me like 2 hours to make 4. What's going on there?! That's a huge amount of time for something so basic!

I made them out of towelling and some primary colour spot cotton, topstitched them with my twin needle (squee!) and then tied them up with some stash ribbon.

Next I checked with my BEFF that they'd be using a car seat for toting little Bert around (his name won't be Bert....or at least I hope not!) and then followed the Workman family's car seat cover tutorial except I used ribbons instead of cotton and velcro. I have no idea how thick car seat handles are so I thought ribbons they could double bow would be more practical than straps that were either too long and the blanket flops in Bert's face or too short and they can't be fastened.

These colours are not very accurate, the teal is a much deeper colour.
I made the cover out of some tiny houndstooth red and white woven fabric and some vintage teal wool/cotton mix. The wool lining is super soft, I wanted to stroke it while I was sewing it!

Hopefully these will come in handy, but more importantly these two gifts came to just over 400g, (14oz) and as we know, when it comes to stashbusting, every little helps!!

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  1. Great projects Samantha. Your stash is being busted, soon you'll be able to justify getting some more.

  2. I love making baby gifts! I have given quite a few burp cloths made from that same tutorial :)

  3. Your stash busting is inspiring. I have been stash-busting on a low key level for some time by not allowing myself to purchase any new fabrics unless I can't find a suitable fabric in my stash for each project. I am going to have to make some of those cute burp cloths too. T for the inspiration and the link.

  4. I love your burp cloths and your sheers but I think your purse with all the buttons is my favorite. I would love for your to join me at


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