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Thank you all for your kind words, emails and messages following my last post about the death of my grandmother.

The funeral was last week and we travelled over for it and back. The request was to not wear black, here's Dusband and myself with my dad. (I think my dad's incapable of being serious).

The bag contained a document holder I'd made for my step-mother's birthday, not a surprise present for my dad!

I began making this shirt dress on the Thursday and then the following morning was when we had the call to say that nan had passed away. I finished the collar, buttons and buttonholes that Friday to try and help distract me from the sadness I was feeling so it only seemed appropriate to wear it to nan's funeral. It's made from a vintage red cotton chambray that I picked up ( a whole bolt!!!) from the second hand shop.

I was going to write a whole post on it as I made it as part of my stashbusting but I don't think I will now. It's made from the Lisette 2246 Shirt Dress pattern. I made view C in size 6 but added the arms from view A and then slimmed them down slightly. I liked the pattern, it's the first time I've ever made anything this complicated, clothes have always scared me.

I'm going to try making up the same pattern but shortened and a different view (and a different size) for my sister Lizzie out of some wool/cotton blend I also purchased at the same time as the chambray. I just have to work around the moth holes!!

Destashing is going well, I didn't weigh the dress, but it must be worth something right?

I'd better get cracking, 3 days til the end of the month!!

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  1. Your dress looks lovely! I'm sure your grandmother would be happy that you chose to wear it to her funeral.
    And well done busting some more of your stash!
    I've got moth-holey wool in my stash too; my intended solution (for when I use it!) is to embroider on some felt flowers or something.

  2. You did a great job with the dress. Nice to have you back.

  3. Your dress looks lovely. Wearing it to your grandma's funeral made me smile. You are right about it being apt. My grandmother made us promise that when she died there would be no black. At her funeral everyone wore their brightest prettiest things. I had bought a new dress only a week before she died and she had admired it and chided my mum for complaining about how much it had cost me. I had only just started working and $40 was a lot of money; my wage was $110/week. I still have that dress and it fits my daughter's now.
    Every time you wear your dress you will most likely remember your grandma. It is such a bitter sweet thing.
    All the best with the ongoing destashing.


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