Stashbust September: Steam Mop cloths


So I bought myself one of those fancy pants steam mops a while ago following a year's worth of praise from my hairdresser. (I see her fairly regularly what with having a crop!)

I love it, it's easy, non-toxic, fun, lime green etc but I don't love that it only comes with one mop cloth and that's white. Well, it was white, now it's a funny green colour from when I spray painted in the kitchen, overshot the newspaper and had to mop up the white spirit. To buy more clothes I'd likely have to take out a personal loan or sell a kidney.

A while back I bought some cheap microfibre tea-towels thinking I could make some more cloths for it and they sat in my cupboard, being part of my stash.

Time to get them used!

Firstly I drew around the head of my steam mop and then added on seam allowance by holding two pencils together and drawing on the original line. The other drew the seam allowance on.

I cut out as many of the shape from my tea towels, I didn't follow the grain cos I could fit more on if I went wonky.

Next I pinned them roughest sides together leaving a turning gap.  I tested them on the velcro hook pads on the bottom of the mop and decided the rougher side stuck better.

Once they were sewn I trimmed the edges with my pinks.

This may have caused a mess of fibres that are still floating all over the office despite many, many hoovers!

I turned them right sides out, pressed them flat and stitched up the openings. To keep the two sides together I stitched through both layers. Once in a wonky up and down (It was the end of a long day)

And a few times with a wonky house.

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy, 4 new cloths for my steam mop.

 Well matched on the colour eh?

With the leftover scraps, I serged around the edges to use for general mops, spills and anything that needs wiping up. Waste not, want not!

Another pile of fabric bites the dust!

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  1. You're really going great guns on your stashbusting!
    It's unbelievable sometimes how much it costs to get replacement cloths for mops/swiffers/etc, when they can be made with cheap-as-chips cloths a la Poundland! Yours look great!

  2. Wow girl, you are really on a roll!. Your stash busting is very inspiring.


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