Prayer Request: April Jones


Hi lovelies,

A 5 yr old girl has been abducted near her home yesterday evening at 7pm and has still not been found. (It's coming up for 24 hours now BST).  For updates please see the BBC site here:

Would any of you please join us in praying for her safe return?

Thank you

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  1. we have the same problem here children coming up missing. and that just kills me.

  2. Heard about this via Twitter yesterday, then heard on the news this evening that she has cerebal palsy as well? Poor girl, I really hope they find her. D=

  3. I live in Wales, and spent my last holiday staying in Machynlleth. It is such a rural, beautiful place. The search teams have a real job on their hands, mountains, rivers, caves, valleys etc. I am praying that she is found safe and well, but it is now the fifth day. My heart breaks for her family.


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