The Christmas Lampshade


Once upon a time, a very kind sister (in law) bought for her very nicest sister (in law) a 'design your own lampshade kit' for Christmas.

The recipient of said gift put it to one side thinking, I'll make that soon.

Then she didn't. For 9 whole months. Coulda had a baby in that time eh?!

And then one day she did.

And took a photo using her HTC Desire which has the worst camera in the world.

But at least it busted some of the stash, even if it isn't in September!

Thanks sis for buying me a lampshade kit, I love the end result!

p.s. the fabric used was Moda ' Ruby ' Bonnie & Camille Grey Sublime Swirl and I love it so much I wish it wasn't so pricey and then I'd make curtains to match!

p.p.s. we have a daylight bulb in this socket, hence the crazy bright light!

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