Pattern testers - the good, the brilliant and the genius!- Part one


I couldn't think of a good word beginning with U to replace 'ugly' in 'the good, bad and ugly' and my pattern testers are far from ugly!!

So this post is long overdue, I'll blame it on going on our holibobs for 10 days immediately after the launch of the Stella bag, please forgive me!

I did intend to do this all in one post but it's turning out to be rather sizeable, part two of the tester's bags tomorrow!

Below are some of my testers and their Stella bags. Click over to their blogs, they've often got interesting posts to read, far more interesting than mine!!

Firstly is the ever constant Maria, she never fails to meet a deadline. In fact, just supposing I send a pattern out on a Friday asking for feedback by the following Friday, almost all of my testers will send their feedback Wednesday - Friday. Not Maria, oh no, she's usually made at least one version by Sunday and then possibly a second by the Wednesday!!

Here's her clutch version:

and her bag version:

I told you she'd made both!

It was due to Maria's pointing out the flap covers the strap that the flap was re-worked so if you purchase the pattern now you'll find the fit a lot better.

Secondly is the lovely Dee who's done a couple of tests for me. She's ruthlessly honest and I respect her opinion wholly. I also love her blog, she has two daughters and with her husband they love re-doing furniture. My favourite posts are the ones where her daughters offer their opinions by their expressions in the photos!

Here's Dee's bag:

Dee says by this photo "One more pic of Stella in action - my girl modelled her for me, but I should have stuffed her with something."
I'm not sure if she means she should have stuffed the bag or her daughter!!

Next up is Nicole for whom this pattern is her first test for me, she made the clutch version and I love her fabric combinations!

Keep an eye on Nicole's blog, she's not done her giveaway yet for the pattern so you might want to catch that!

Next up is Terri who has tested two patterns for me so far, here's her Stella bag:

Terri hosts a lovely link party once a week and has skillz one can only dream about...pop over to her blog and check it out!

Come back tomorrow for the rest of the tester's bags!

Samantha x

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  1. This is the first time I've seen Terri's bag. Really pretty.

  2. I love seeing everyone's bags! I'm in the process of writing a post about the pattern over at my blog and so I'll have it up later this week and can do a giveaway, too. Blogger was not being cooperative last night and wasn't letting me load photos.

  3. Maria tests my patterns as well and I TOTALLY agree with your comments! Honestly she is the MOST reliable tester EVER to walk this planet! She isn't just good, she is BRILLIANT and a GENIUS too! LOLLLL

  4. great post, I have been having fun visiting all the other blogs, they have another follower ;).
    hmmm I should have stuffed her a bit... definitely the bag. My family are all laughing at this one as I have proof read my daughters' assignments and picked them up on this mistake many times. I really should have proof read that post a bit better - lol.
    It remains a pleasure to pattern test for you.


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