Pattern testers - Part two


Phew, who knew there were so many beautiful photos to share!

Here's part two of the pattern testers for the Stella Pleated purse.

Ok, first up is Liz who's blog and style I love!

You have to click over to see the lining for this bag, it's a gorgeous blue. She features all these super cute dinky sewing accessories that her readers have made and everytime I pop over I just feel so inspired to make pretty things!

Liz's giveaway is running til Monday 19th so you've got time to enter!

Next up is Susie who sews in her sunroom. I love Susie mostly because when preparing for Hurricane Sandy she moved her sewing machines and her daylight lamp. Those are exactly the things I would move too lol!!

I'm in love with this teal colour and want to steal this bag for myself! Don't let on though, Susie might get a bit weirded out!

Susie's also not done a giveaway yet so if you want to pop over and follow her blog then when/if she does, you'll be the first in the know!

Next up is Mary's bag and although I don't have a blog address for Mary I have to share this incredible embroidery with you. Mary wears her bags flap in so used the flat expanse of the back for the main design then embroidered the flap too.

And here's the back, I'm a big fan of peacocks so it's no wonder I'm rather taken with Mary's bag!

Next up is Sally, a teacher. Whilst the fact that she's a teacher did fill me with fear when she first volunteered to test for me way back in June for the Bow Pleat pattern, she's been very kind to me and only used her red pen a few times! (I'm joking, I think red pens are banned now for self worth reasons). Anyway, Sally wasn't very well for this test so although she didn't give me pages of bullet points of corrections (only partly a joke, but always very gratefully received) she did manage to finish her bag and post the pics for me.

I'm thinking us bag makers are drawn to blues!

And finally, there's Nancy, the lovely Nancy. I've never known anyone called Nancy before, I kinda like it. Nancy first tested the Rosie Patchwork bag and now this one even though her mum was visiting. Wait, mom? Yeah, Nancy wouldn't say mum.
Ok, enough Nancy love, she'll be getting weirded out.

Here's the inside of her bag. The outside is pretty too, but I love the lining most!

At the time of writing I don't have a blog address for Nancy but I've emailed her to ask and if she has one I'll post it for you then.

No, wait, not quite 'And finally....', I almost forgot Amanda!

I may have had a blog address for Amanda but I can't find it, sorry Amanda!

Here's her bag in an upcycled tweed. Tweed is how I envisioned the Stella pleated bag but then I tried it myself and discovered it's a nightmare to pleat....well done Amanda on powering through though!

I suspect Amanda would agree with me, tweed isn't the best fabric for this pattern, something easily pleatable will make life simpler!

Anyway, that's all for the moment. Pop over and check out the blogs of my testers, enter their giveaways or go buy your own pattern using 30PERCENTOFF on my etsy store for 30% off any purchase. I've lost track of the days now, 27 or 28 days left to use it lol!

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  1. I love seeing all the bags that everyone made! (I may have said that already!) And you're right, I don't see too many teachers using red pen anymore :-/

  2. so I've been entering the giveaways trying to win the pattern as I won your last one and it's amazing. But then I realised what a cheapskate I'm being, so I bought it!


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