It's not all scroogetastic....


Some crazy thought of mine was to sign up for the Living in Yellow ornament swap this year despite being a total scrooge.

The swap was a circular one so the person before me sent me my ornament, and I sent the next person on the list theirs.  My ornament came from Samantha over at 3-oh-1 Grace Street. Here's the beautifully traditional ornament she sent me.

It's gorgeous isn't it! And it jingles. I'll put him on my tree as soon as we put the tree up (later in the month, much later).

I was to send my ornament to Sara at Confessions of a Red-Headed mama. Sent it I it she did not. Gutted, right? She might still get it I hope but the date for sending was November 12th. I sent it a day late on November 13th and it's still not there. Samantha my sender didn't send hers til November 21st and it still got here on time, how is that fair?! Anyway, Sara, if you're reading, I'm very sorry you didn't get your ornament, it was very, very cute too :(

So come on then, anyone else NOT got their decs up yet or is it just me? x

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  1. yah! glad you liked it :) puppy thought it was her toy at first!

  2. Ah, how sweet!

    Nope, we haven't. I'm thinking it'll probably happen on the 22nd...

  3. We usually put our tree up on the 1st December but this year it was a crazy busy weekend with hubs working, his parents 50th anniversary and the girls and I going away. We got back yesterday and hopefully the tree and decorations will go up this weekend.


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