The circularity of copying


So, we all know how stylish I am and what a fashion icon I am but let's be honest here, I had my wedding dress altered to copy Anne Hathaway's dress in the Princess Diaries 2.


So here's my awful 70's lace concoction before work began but after my edging lace (John Lewis - only available in store) was pinned on.

Awful isn't it! Baggy sleeves, high neck, awful lily shaped applique things stuck on everywhere!

And the back....

The back wasn't so bad, only the high neckline letting it down!

I wasn't a particularly confident seamstress back then so I went to a professional to have it altered. She had tons of experience working on cruise ship costumes so a bit of sparkly lace was nothing to her!

Here's how it ended up.

Not bad huh? Admittedly I have one arm scrunched up but the seamstress chopped off the top, tightened the top (so it wouldn't fall down too much), unpicked the appliques, slimmed down the arms, chopped off the cuffs, edged the top, waist, cuffs and hem (massive btw, it had a small train) with the sequin lace and repositioned some of the buttons on the back.

The dress cost me £50 in the British Heart Foundation shop years before and then it cost me £200 to have it altered. I don't think that's what Dus is laughing at....

A lot cheaper than Carolina Herera's copy of my dress. (Of course she copied me....dur!)


We got married in January 2010 and every now and then since Dus has gotten my dress down for me from the attic to 'check over for damage'. prance around in pretending I'm a princess bride.

Kate Middleton copied my dress too but she didn't want to pay me royalties (haw haw) so had the lace changed into a shoulder covering deep V. We all know the truth though ;)

Anyway, so that's how stylish I really am. Who knew?!

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  1. Absolutely beautiful dress, but then of course it had to be to match the bride!! I love how your face glows in these pictures. And that bouquet! GORGEOUS!!

  2. That is absolutely beautiful! What a happy bride. :-)
    And too bad Kate got into copying your dress. ;-)

  3. How incredibly clever of you to see the potential in the older dress. It came up beautifully and you were a stunning and radiant bride.


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