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Time seems to be flying by so very, very fast. Especially at the moment in this early December PRE-Christmas time. Yes Liz, PRE-Christmas!

See, you're not the only one who can link people in their posts....seriously friends, if you like Christmas before it's proper time (December 24th) then you should check out Liz's blog, she's even given herself a red and green makeover for December. I told her it's too early, but none of you ever listen to me so we can't blame her.

Ok, so my weekend. Saturday we went down to Tredegar House in Newport for the Made by Hand craft fair. Well, craft fair? Craft show? Exhibition? Things were for sale, at proper prices too (hallelujah) and it was crafters designer makers who were there but it was like a marquee of beautifully lit individual gallery spaces. It was lovely to walk around but slightly intimidating. The worst stalls for me were the ones where the designer makers were standing guard ready to enthuse on their artistry.

This would be the point in which I post a few photos to show you the good blogger I am I forgot to take any. I'll insert a photo I found on Google.

Courtesy of Craig Fellowes
Then we went to my sister Amanda's house (well, and her husband Matt) where we feasted, feasted I tell you and made our annual Snowman gifts. Every year we give friends and family of us all a snowman type gift that we've all contributed to. The first year it was snowmen from washing up liquid bottles (no sticky backed plastic) then fridge magnets, then ornaments, last year was chocolate snowmen and this year it's something different.

Sunday morning was up early to prepare lunch for after church. In Wales they call a roast dinner a cooked dinner. The first time someone said, It'll be a cooked dinner, I replied that most of my dinners are cooked....I don't really eat much raw food. They laughed, I called them odd.

Anyway, I was cooking for Geraint the ledgend, Stacey my bezzie, Dale our Pastor and Helen the well dressed. (You may remember Helen from last week's what I wore post, she's so beautiful, she's always beautifully dressed. I'm hoping her standards may rub off on me in time). Oh and Lizzie came to dinner too :)

This would be a good time to insert a photo of the food....any of the food or guests but nope, another blogging fail, I forgot to take photos then too.

Our church put up the Christmas decorations after the service yesterday too. In my passive agressive subversive way I protested against it by wearing a plain red top and fluffy white cardigan. I figured if I just wore regular clothes then no one would know I was bothered. If I wore my Christmas T shirt people would think I was ok with it. So I wore a Christmassy colour, but not Christmas to voice disapproval in my own little way that it is too early!

Last year's Christmas day outfit. It was Christmas then. Hence the Christmas T shirt and not before!
Then hot chocolate club in the evening was spent playing Ticket to Ride with some very naughty people who put their tracks where I wanted to go and Geraint the legend won that.

Now it's Monday and I've been doing finances all day and my brain is fried. I'll come back tomorrow and show you a beautiful ornament I was sent in a swap. Then I might take some photos of my stock to list in my etsy store seeing as people will be finished buying presents by the time I'm finished. Oh! But check out Wendy's store in the meantime though, I love pretty much all of her items.

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