Goals for '13


See, I told you I'd go for the '13 and I'm still trying to popularise it! If you would all do me a favour and start using it I'd be so very pleased!

So here we are then, it's time for my goals. And a word. I'm jumping on the word bandwagon this year and choosing a word to try and focus on for the year. And not to be outdone I've also decided on 1 resolution.

You may wish to go get yourself a cup of tea and a biccie, this could be a long one.....I'll wait.

Ok, so let's start with my resolution.

To comment more and lurk less. 

It's a fairly simple resolution and in the last 4 days I've seen it have some really quite fun results! I've long grown bored of commenting on some of my favourite blogs when the blogger never replies. Even when I've said something witty/kind/useful.

Not so this year....I've started commenting more and had great responses from bloggers! Some bloggers who in my mind would be far too busy/important to bother with little old me have entered into quite amusing conversations with me. Yay for down to earth bloggers!! Sometimes you start to doubt yourself when you never get a reply!

Ok, so to my word. Wurd!

I had to resist adding extra sparkles and graphics to that I hope you know.....in the name of simplifying anyway lol!

From this word I've written a list of goals, some related, some not. Some just because I need a kick up the bum to get things done and I'm hoping this will help! Maybe if I remember then I could review them at the end of the month and tick off any I've done.

*Buy a house
*Write everyone's birthdays onto our calendar and send them a birthday card! (I am awful at this, such a simple, easy thing!)
*Eat at the dinner table once a week and converse with Dusband rather than watching the telly every night
*Resume reading my Bible over breakfast rather than randomly
*Stop wasting so much time on Pinterest!

*Scan the family's photos onto the computer. Yes, all 4000(approx) of them
*Stashbust a huge amount of fabric
*Cut down on paper clutter
*Clear out old DVDs
*Clear out old books
*Organise Christmas decs & wrapping
*Sort out regular wrapping & cards

*Write two bag patterns for freebie blog posts
*Write three new bag patterns for sale (eek!)
*Make two blouses for Liz (that she asked me for in September)
*Make a pillowcase for Liz from soft flannel
*Shorten white blouse
*Patchwork upholstery
*Get my pj quilt quilted!!!
*Have serger serviced and change knives
*Clear out old stock/samples

Crafty bits:
*Re-do Liz's two small chairs
*Sand drawer fronts and paint

*Try one new recipe a month and blog about it
*Eat less chocolate (This is a biggie but if I don't want to end up with diabetes I need to do something drastic soon!)
*Eat more nuts
*Stock the freezer with 'ready meals' ready for when youth group starts up again and we're not eating til 9pm.

*Ha ha! Yeah, maybe next year.....

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  1. Wow, we actually have a few of the same goals! I too am aiming to send more cards this year to friends & family. I'm actually aiming to MAKE them myself even :) We'll see how that goes! And the freezer meals ... my goal too! Great minds think alike.

    And, uh, I see a pattern on your list with doing things for "Liz" but I don't read anything about buying Liz her elephant this year :)

  2. I had to laugh at the one about never sending birthday cards, I'm the same! I have one here next to me to send to my friend who has a birthday on Monday and I'd completely forgotten about it, so thanks for reminding me!

    Upholstery? Is this the chair?

  3. Ok 5 bags on your list is good LOLLL. I started the comment more and lurk less towards the end of last year and have had replies from most even those really busy bloggers. There is NO WAY I'm cutting down on pinterest though. LOLL
    Best of luck with your list especially eating less chocolate. Send the surplus to me. LOLL

  4. Great goals! I should get some down of my own, but I'm scared to commit.. lol

  5. Wow you have a lot of goals! You've got some awesome ones there. :)
    I'm really bad at commenting on blogs now; I used to comment loads but would get maybe one response out of every 20-30 comments I posted (and they weren't all mere 'that's cute'/'great idea' kind of comments). Admittedly I can be bad at replying to comments too...definitely need to do something about that!
    Good luck with meeting all your goals for the year!

  6. I love reading all of the different goals that everyone has! I used to be great at sending birthday cards, but in the last 10 years, I've gotten really bad! I should try to be better at this, too. I was actually looking at an online place that sends cards, but I don't know if you can enter all of the info ahead of time...

    One of my goals last year was to comment more, too. I'm better at it, but still not the best! Still, like you, I'm always amazed at who comments back and who doesn't!

  7. LOL - "I had to resist adding extra sparkles ...in the name of simplifying anyway" You do crack me up!
    Simplifying is quite a challenge on every level and I wish all the best for you as you explore this throughout the next year.
    That is some "to do" list. I look forward to cheering as you complete (and blog) each one.
    I am still working on mine and will share soon (ish)

  8. Wow, I though our word is "simplify " !!
    From your list I would of chosen...impossible dream...or ya right!!l
    You lost me be the " scan all pictures" part...I said that too ...10 years ago..not one picture had been scanned...i hope you do better then I did !! LOL

    Hugs, Liz


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