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So, moving on with my '13 goals and I decided to tackle something I've been putting off since August. Re-doing some chairs for my sister Liz.

 These little bedroom chairs were given to Dusband and I 3 years ago when we got married and were poor and had no money for furniture. We still have no money for furniture but we have a sofa and chairs and Liz who moved into her little house last summer has more need of them than us.

Here's the before

 I took one with flash so you could see the retro goodness of the fabric.

I love the design and simplicity of the style of these chairs, they're gorgeous and really comfy too!

I was going to sand the legs and stain them darker but then I thought...um, the legs are actually not too bad, just cover them with the new fabric and have done with it.

So I did. This is my first time upholstering anything in the history of ever. I was armed with my mother's scary electric staple tack gun. This process was fairly traumatic for me, but I got through it and they don't look too bad. I just wrapped the fabric around like a present.

As you can see the light was fading fast!

And the fabric could have done with a little iron before stapling on...details, details

 The fabric is an icy blue chunky cord, it's so soft and delicious I may have spent a long time stroking it.

Hopefully Liz will sit in one and cover the other with whatever crochet she's working on at the time so that she can't tell they're very amateurishly done!

I've come to realise that if you want some upholstery doing properly you should either pay a professional or call in Dee and her husband! (And daughters, they're a crafty family!)

Anyway, it's an item ticked off my list and finally Liz can sit in comfort! I wonder how often she'll catch herself stroking the fabric as she watches tv!

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  1. You are amazing. So brave to tackle things that are out of your comfort zone. And they look great. NEVER would know it's your first rodeo with upholstery :)

  2. I think you did a fab job! I keep saying I'm going to recover the rocking chair in my sewing room but not brave enough yet! Lol

  3. I love that kind of corduroy! Some people are so ambitious. lol Nice job.

  4. You did a great job! and cheers to knocking one of the list!

  5. Yay, well done, they look great! But I did think that your mission for '13 was to prevent any more disasters happening to me?? In the meantime, get upholstering your sofa like you promised me, practice makes perfect...

  6. Fantastic job. I don't think I'd be brave enough to tackle something like that.

  7. What a cool old pair of chairs. You did a great job of covering them. Really is is more a matter of practice. If you can design bags and work out how to construct them you can do recovering, it's similar, just a bit bigger.
    Aw shucks, thanks for the shout out. I have helped a few other folks with covering bits of furniture and generally enjoy the challenge.


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