Scrapbusting: Brighton Zippie


I'm trying to do things only from my goals list so I'll tell you which goal I'm aiming towards when I do things that might not be obvious.

Today's post is from my 'stashbusting' goal!

I pulled out my scrap basket the other day and almost got clobbered over the head with the weight of all my scraps overflowing! I'm sure all you hoarders crafters can relate!

I found in my scrap basket a square 7" x 7" of lime green Brighton pavilion print cotton.

'aha', I said to myself. 'I can do something with that'. How often have we uttered those famous words and then not done anything with it? Well this time I did! *woooooohoooooooo!*

I also pulled out some charcoal grey cotton, black cotton and then from my stash a black 8" zip and 4 x lime green buttons. I told you all those buttons would come in handy one day!

I cut the Brighton panel in half longways (to go with the slightly wonkily printed pattern and I pieced together my 8" x 6" fronts and backs like so. (I didn't put buttons on the back)

I used some fusible fleece (again, from my scraps) on both of the outer panels. Not sure if you can tell but to make my feature fabric pop a bit more I stitched right round the very edge of the grey. It's got a slightly raised effect on the panel.

Then I followed the greatest zip pouch tutorial in the world ever by Flossie Teacakes. (You should read her blog, subscribe to it and all, it's the greatest slice of English living on blogland I think. It makes me want to move back from Wales to England even though I love Wales!!

When I set out to make this zippie, I only really wanted to do some sewing....something....anything as I have a bag to make. I just wanted something simple to get me back in the swing of it as I've not sewn since two weeks before Christmas! (FOREVER!)

Once I'd finished it I realised who it should be for. My friend Nia, she of Forever Tangles. She loves bright colours, I missed her birthday (Christmas eve wouldn't you know1) and she has pens and stuff (to put inside it). I just hope she either doesn't read my blog, or likes ruined surprises lol!

I love that every single part of the fabric came from my scraps basket, it saves me having to cut them up into 3" squares....(more on that another day).

I'm still a long way from having busted my stash with one zippie pouch but every little helps right?

How are you getting on with your new year's goals? Anyone completed any yet?

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  1. So cute!!!! Love the colours and the addition of the buttons. You know I've had this tutorial saved for about the last two years. Yikes!!!! Just goes to show how behind I am on my things to make list. LOL

  2. Awesome zip pouch. And I love how you killed two birds with one stone. You used some of your stash AND you are encouraging a friend with a gift. To that I say ... you rock! Keep the goals coming ...

  3. great pouch! Love the fabric panel and the buttons

  4. Such a sharp looking pouch! The buttons make it really cute! (You do have a lot of them, don't you!) A gorgeous gift :)


  5. you really did something good with it. beautiful

  6. What a beautiful pouch! I found you over at Susie's. Your comment made me smile. Sounds like something I would do.....take tea back to bed and for a chat!

  7. Simple and sweet - buttons sure do make a difference... must remember this.

  8. Oh I love this!! I'm glad to know I'm not the only 'hoarder' out there when it comes to fabric! LOL Great use of scraps!!

  9. Very cute! I'm sure your friend will love it.


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